Hi, my name is Lena and one of my trademarks is a broad and sunny smile on my face (some friends tend to tease me by asking why I dont work in toothpaste advertisment)

I was raised in Würzburg, a city in Lower Franconia which is a part of northern Bavaria

→ first lesson for my readers: never ever tell a Franconian that he actually is Bavarian. We Franconians are a bit weird about that as we would very much like to establish our own Bundesland; that’s why we sustain a loving enmity with Bavaria (i.e. the southern parts of Bavaria).

During my schooltime I travelled quite a bit, e.g. exchange stays in Italy and England, a road trip with my family through the northeastern parts of the States, orchestra and chamber music classes in California thanks to a music scholarship, etc…the list goes on.

After my A-levels I decided to live in New Zealand for one year…probably the best thing I’ve ever done so far.

Since then I havent travelled a lot as I was occupied with studying (B.A. in African Studies; M.A. in Prehistoric Archaeology) and working.

But now it’s time again…so, I’m diving into the world of travelling again and will blog about it.