Bolivia’s Southern Altiplano

This area is worth its own blog entry. The southern Altiplano consits partly of one National Park, Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve, and the Uyuni saltflats (the biggest saltflats on this planet). As soon as you‘re there you understand, why these gems of our nature are something the State of Bolivia is so proud of. There is no second and no view that is not at least stunning…and this goes on for a whole 3 days. At the end of the tour my brain was exhausted by the beauty of nature. I couldn‘t take in more and had to process my impressions. One word is actually enough to describe every moment in Bolivia‘s southern Altiplano: breathtaking!!!. But see for yourself…

P.S.: Big thanks to Prisma Andino/Sol Andino Expediciones for a wonderful tour, and also a big thanks to our Jeep-driver Vladimir (he is not Russian, but Bolivian!!! → his words) who kept us save the whole 3 days and who couldn‘t resist honking at a llama-couple making out in the middle of the street 😀

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