Why I travel

Well, its not this „I need to find myself / break with habits“-thing. I travel just because I wanna see other, new things. I do not need to escape from my life or from something inside me. To be honest, I am a pretty happy and stable person. For finding myself I better stay at home in an environment that I know and feel comfortable in. Because, lets face it, finding oneself (whatever this means) can be really challenging and you might wanna do it at home…at least spoken for myself.

This journey to South America is more the result of already having found myself (meaning: I’m confident with who I am and calm about my flaws).

So, to keep it short:

I travel because I feel good about myself, because I am happy and because I (often) know who I am. I just wanna see South America, eat the local food, meet friends whom I was blessed to get to know back home in Leipzig, see the flora and fauna and absorb breathtaking sceneries.

And not to forget:

Thanks to my german passport, I am able to do all this without major obstacles (!). I will not forget this blessing of having been born into a country that at this point gives its citizens one of the strongest passports worldwide. I am very humble to this accidental luck many other ppl are not able to enjoy (and I know many ppl from passport-wise much weaker countries)

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